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phpBB Styles Upgraded and Supporting 3.0.10!

All phpBB styles at SkinsBuy have been upgraded to support the latest version of phpBB; 3.0.10! If your subscription is still active, obtain the upgrade for FREE now or renew your product! The next phpBB update from SkinsBuy will update the framework of each style, to improve the user interface.


Exquisite Orange for vBulletin 4.1.x Released!

Exquisite Orange, a new forum design has been released! Currently supporting vBulletin 4.1.x, and soon to move onto the other two platforms (IPB and phpBB). The style can now be purchased from SkinsBuy, under the vBulletin software. Get the style now!

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About Us

We're an independent organization, who sell bulletin board skins for several different software; Invision Power Board, vBulletin, and phpBB. Our aim is to provide customers with high-quality skins from various different designers for their bulletin boards.

We provide:

Artistic and creative skin designs
Extremely affordable skins
Free customer support
Instant download of skins after payment
Support for IPB, vB, and phpBB

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Instant Download!
As soon as you purchase a product from SkinsBuy and the payment is cleared, the download file for the skin will be instantly available for you to download and use. There is no waiting time during the period, therefore the skin can be set up on your forum instantly.